Meet Our Scientific Advisor

aisake batibasaga

Aisake Batibasaga (Bati) brings over three decades of experience in fisheries management and conservation to his role.  His expertise extends to regional and international tuna fisheries management, highlighted by his tenure as Fiji’s Head of Delegation to the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. Bati’s dedication to biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries development is evident in his efforts to combat illegal fishing practices and promote stakeholder engagement. As Director of Fisheries, he spearheaded initiatives such as marine protected area establishment and was instrumental in the creation of the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.   Bati has led initiatives ranging from coastal fisheries resource assessment to the conservation of endangered species like sea turtles and sharks, and compliance with international agreements like CITES. Bati’s leadership continues to drive collaborative efforts aimed at preserving Fiji’s marine ecosystem for future generations.

Meet Our Scientific Advisor


Juerg received his doctorate in Biology from the University of Zurich and has been studying sharks and remoras, as an independent researcher, for more than 20 years. He is interested in the behaviour and ecology of free-​ranging sharks, marine tourism, marine protected area design, and how small-​scale conservation projects can be successfully implemented in developing countries. Juerg has been involved with the Shark Reef Marine Reserve since 2001. Using a range of methods from direct observation to electronic tagging, he has been studying the life cycle of the bull shark, his focus species, and how shark feeding tourism affects their behaviour.

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