Viti Leucas Society

Our Board of Trustees is aptly named the ‘Viti Leucas Society’.  Viti is the indigenous name for ‘Fiji’ and ‘Leucas’ is the second half of the latin name of the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas).  We owe our existence to the charismatic bull shark, and as such we pay homage to this iconic species.  


Mike ‘Da Shark’ Neumann is a key figure in shark conservation efforts in Fiji. He is the Principal Director of Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD) and has been instrumental in the establishment and management of the Shark Reef Marine Reserve (SRMR), which became Fiji’s first National Marine Park in 2014. Neumann has been involved in shark diving and conservation for over two decades and his work has been recognized globally.  He has collaborated with the United Nations Development Programme, The Joint Fund for Coral Reefs, WWF and many others. 

He has also worked closely with Dr. Juerg Brunnschweiler, an independent researcher from Zurich, to conduct scientific studies on the visiting bull shark population in the SRMR. These studies have led to several publications and have contributed significantly to the understanding of bull shark behavior and ecology.

His dedication to shark conservation has made a significant impact in Fiji and has contributed to the country’s reputation as a leading destination for shark diving and conservation.


Andrew Cumming has a deep passion for the underwater world and has been managing some of the most prominent conservation minded dive shops …


Natasha D. Marosi is the Director of Conservation for Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD), a shark conservation group and eco-tourism dive operator. Marosi is known for her work in challenging preconceptions about bull sharks. Her efforts include the creation of the “My Fiji Shark” adoption program, which educates people about shark personalities and life histories while supporting conservation projects in Fiji.  She works very closely with the Ministry of Fisheries, UNDP and others to implement conservation measures protecting Fiji’s elasmobranch populations.

Currently, Marosi is conducting her PhD research at the University of Exeter, focusing on the social behavior of bull sharks.  

Her work has been recognized globally, and she continues to be a prominent figure in shark conservation efforts in Fiji

adopt A Shark

Support our research, education and conservation efforts by adopting a shark from the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, Fiji.  

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