The Fiji Shark Lab

The creation of the Fiji Shark Lab was once a dream held by Natasha D. Marosi, the Director of Conservation for Beqa Adventure Divers, a shark conservation group and eco-tourism dive operator specialising in shark encounters.  Beqa Adventure Divers was responsible for the creation of Fiji’s First National Marine Park the ‘Shark Reef Marine Reserve’ in 2014.  

In her capacity of Conservation Director, Natasha was able to form a conservation initiative called ‘My Fiji Shark’ in 2018 with support from the United Nations Development Programme.  My Fiji Shark gave people the opportunity to adopt a named individual shark, learn about their life histories and varied personalities while supporting conservation in action on the ground in Fiji.  

Natasha’s fascination with shark personality and behaviour led her to pursue her Research PhD with the University of Exeter studying social behaviour in Bull Sharks.  

The Fiji Shark Lab is located on base of Beqa Adventure Divers in Pacific Harbour, Deuba on the main island of Viti Levu in Fiji.  The Fiji Shark Lab is a field station dedicated to the research, conservation and preservation of Fiji’s shark and ray populations and ocean biodiversity.  Our mission is to advance our scientific knowledge of sharks and rays; support new conservation measures in support of sharks and rays; to provide education and outreach; and to share the results from our field work through public dissemination.

Construction of the Lab was supported by My Fiji Shark, the Global Fund for Coral Reefs, and United Nations Development Programme. 

The Fiji Biological Field Station known as the Fiji Shark Lab has filed for and is currently awaiting Charitable Trust Designation. 

Join a Tour of the Shark Lab - Coming Soon!

Step into the Fiji Shark Lab and join our resident shark scientist for an hour long session where we parlay about all things sharks and rays.  

Learn about the inshore species that inhabit the Fiji Islands and the current conservation projects.

Deep dive into the current research supported by the Fiji Shark Lab, we share the progress we have made and what future studies are up and coming.

Meet the sharks of the Shark Reef Marine Reserve and make exciting new discoveries about shark personality and behaviour. 

Don’t leave without adopting one of our sharks!  Now is your chance to ask those personal questions about the potential new addition to your family! 

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